Argumentative Essay: Can Gmos Save The Planet?

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Why GMOs can save the Planet It is no secret that there are millions of people dying because of food insecurity across the world. Food insecurity not only includes starvation, but malnutrition as well. Over consumption of a single food group with an absolute lack of the others will result in negative effects on the body. We can only produce so much natural grown food on this geographically specific world, so how can we feed large starving populations of people? The answer is by creating our own food. If you don’t already know, A Genetically modified organism is anything created by altering the genes of one thing and putting them in another. For example, I can take the gene that makes a carrot orange and put it in an apple seed to make an…show more content…
Natural Crop farming causes stress on the farmland, which causes the soil to yield less and less crops until the soil becomes unfit for farming(Bennett). Genetically Modified foods can be engineered to lessen this effect greatly along with the ability to be planted in soils that have suffered from soil erosion and drought(Bennett). By modifying a food with the ability to be planted in area that is suffering from drought, that means that food shortages will be less frequent along with less stress being put on other farming lands to make up for a lack of food. Despite popular belief that GM foods are bad for the long term health of people, GM foods are relatively safe. GM foods are tested farm more strictly than regularly bred foods; In fact, GM foods are often times tested for up to a decade for possible health issues(Staff). Thousands of independent studies prove that consumption and growth of GM foods are just as safe as regular foods(Bennett). GM foods can be engineered to be far more nutritious and better tasting than regular foods. If we can take a vitamin producing gene from one fruit and put in another, we can make a very nutritious superfruit(staff). If we add a “sweet taste” from one fruit and add it to the superfruit we just made, we can make a very nutritious and delicious fruit. We can also get more children to eat their vegetables this

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