Argumentative Essay: Can Guns Save Our Lives?

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Many people’s lives are saved because of firearms every year. There are many times where someone’s life is in danger because of a shooter, and many times, lives have been saved because of one person who is willing to stand up against the danger, and fight for their life. These people are called sheepdogs. Sheepdogs are the people around us who have the mindset of being a protector to those people who are around them. Many times, these sheepdogs are thrust into situations such as a shooting when they need to stand up and fight to be able to help those around them. One tool that these sheepdogs use to guard the “sheep” are guns. There are a lot more people than generally thought that conceal carry a firearm. You may not ever notice that they are carrying, and many of the “sheep” or the people that just live through their lives normally, tend not to notice. Most of the time, you can’t tell by looking…show more content…
Guns are used by millions of police officers every year to protect themselves. Therefore, yes, guns do kill people, but in reality, they also save millions of lives per year. If law enforcement wasn’t allowed to use the tools that they are equipped with, such as firearms, tazers, or pepper spray, there would be tons more cases of cops that were injured trying to protect the people, and do their job. The people that are trying to get rid of guns, don’t understand that if they get rid of guns, the people that are protecting them, won’t be able to protect them anymore, because their main source of protection got taken away. Lots of times, it isn’t even murder, “Estimated 33,636 American’s were killed by firearms in 2013- 63 percent were suicides, and 33.3 percent were homicides.” (Detroit 4) This shows that while people think that every gun death is a murder, that suicides are a huge problem too. We need to help those who are mentally unstable enough that they would commit
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