Argumentative Essay: Cannabis Counterculture

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The so-called “holiday” on April 20 marks National Marijuana Day, where cannabis lovers all over the world smoke pot especially on this day to channel their inner counterculture pride.

It is an unofficial holiday simply in celebration of smoking some marijuana and enjoying life. Yet, it has been solidly distinguished as a celebratory occasion in cannabis subculture.

But what does Denton, Texas do on 4/20? Apparently according to the police department at the University of North Texas, police officers don’t necessarily “plan” for 4/20. They treat it just like any other day of the week.

There is a heavy counterculture in Denton. Almost every other student who attends UNT would know someone who can get you what you need. Does this feed to
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“I looked it up…I don’t do weed so I wouldn’t know.”

At the same time, some don’t seem to be very worried about getting caught with the police.

Raja Elayare, a sophomore at the University of North Texas said, “[I] definitely smoke weed, since it is a holiday.”

Despite the heavy emphasis on marijuana, the UNT police department is not exceptionally alert when April 20th rolls around. According to the university’s crime log, there have been over 25 marijuana/drug related arrests on campus since the start of the New Year 2016.

UNT junior, Rachel Bride said, “[Police] should be less cautious, everyone does it so they need to lay off”.

Upwards of several students express little apprehension in respect to getting in serious trouble with authorities. However, consequences may vary in every situation, being cautious is an understatement.

Surprisingly, UNT police do not necessarily come up with a contingency plan for April 20th, they just go with the flow just as any regular day.

“If we believe there is going to be an increased usage on [4/20], we will be on the look out,” said UNTPD’s Community Relations Officer, Kevin Crawford. “But no, we do not take any certain precautions,” he

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