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An Argumentative Essay: Why Kids Under 13 Should Not Have Cell Phones Smartphones. A majority of the population staying on earth has one. They are an amazing innovation in the twenty-first century. It can be used to call, text, take photos and entertain an individual with some fun apps and games. Many parents can be seen these days with a cell phone in their pocket or handbag, chances are that you are one of those parents too! Who else has cell phones? Your children. Although cell phones can be impressive and useful in a variety of endless ways, is it financially necessary and mentally healthy, especially for the younger generations? Well, technically it really isn’t that healthy for an adult’s mental health let alone a young child who is barely aware of how to use an electronic device. The traits that cell phones give off can be very addictive. The addiction can easily trick a young child and unfortunately “mess up” their minds. They would be easily distracted, which can affect their grades in school, their mental health and their communication skills. As a starter for parents, you should know very well now that a child’s mindset is dependent on being developed and influenced based off of the actions of others around them. Although cell phones are commonly known as a safe resource for kids when it comes to communication, these kids will slowly, but eventually, be affected mentally by their devices if they are too young to own one. To start off, the effects of a
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