Argumentative Essay: Changing School Start Time

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School start time should be changed because it affects the student’s work ethics. To make students less exhausted, and more hard-working kids, start time should be altered. There would be an enormous improvement in the students efforts to get work done. A legitimate start time for school should be 8 in the morning and end at 3 in the afternoon. School time should be changed because it would make an impact on not only the students, but the teachers as well. Sleep is a very important thing in life and if students don’t get enough of it, it will affect their ability to learn. It could also affect the teacher’s ability to teach the class. In this generation, kids tend to stay up later at night and go to bed late. Changing school hours could help those kids who stay up at night and also who are…show more content…
Sarah McKibben says, “When Jackson Hole High School in Wyoming shifted its start time to 8:55 a.m., the number of car crashes involving teenage drivers dropped by 70%.” Safety plays a big part in daily life. If we change the school start and end time, there will be less crashes caused by teenagers. Michael Gonchar even stated, “New evidence suggests that a later start to the school day could have all sorts of benefits, like better grades and fewer car crashes.” Students will be able to get better grades and will be able to get to school safely. Teachers will be able to have more time to prepare for the days’ lesson as well. Changing start time until later may be a waste of time, but it’s more of a waste of time if school starts too early.

Changing start time could end up being tough, however it is proven to benefit both the teachers and students. Altering the time will make sure the kids get a great night’s sleep, and also the teachers. This will create a better environment for the schools and keep them awake. It will create a better learning environment for the
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