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At first, the concept of cheating seems about as harmless as any other, but in the reality of it absolutely no favorable outcomes can come from it. However, what is cheating exactly?
Cheating is an unjust and unfair way of meeting a set objective through means of breaking the rules and regulations set by educators to gain a distinct advantage. In simpler terms as author
Britton would say, “Cheating is doing something that is not honest” (6). The reasons for cheating may vary from person to person, but at the end of the day, most would claim that cheating is wrong. Slowly but surely, cheating is making its mark across the nation as it becomes a more solemn issue throughout the nation’s school systems. The Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology claims, “evidence
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Cheating is not only an issue in the classroom, but outside of it as well. Cheating has become one of the top reasons relationships have tended to last much

shorter spans in contrast to previous times. Consequently, cheating hinders more than just a person’s ability to learn, but it also negatively affects their character.
If you asked an average high school student to give you reasons for cheating in school, I am certain the list would be never ending - from reasons as simple as being too lazy to complete the tasks, to some students just flat out not understanding their assignments. Jones suggest that,
“The reasons students engage in academic dishonesty vary, but as commonly understood, the overriding reason is performance” (144). This directly results in them cheating, because in truth when one is confused one tends to find the shortest way out of things and not utilize the difficult and time consuming method. In case that was not enough, there are those students who simply refuse to be anything short of perfect or first in everything and anything they do. This ideology indirectly forces those kids to cheat in order to maintain their positions in class. In addition,

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