Child Soldiers Amnesty Analysis

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Child Soldiers-Amnesty? Swinging on the swings, licking lollipops, and playing war might be what many call ‘their childhood.’ Adults remember the fun times they had playing with Barbies or ‘shooting’ each other with Nerf guns. Yet, this is not the case for an estimated 300,000 children forced to unwilling shoot real people--during a real war. After being dragged into the battlefields, they find a perplexing family unit, are manipulated by their father-figures, and can be sexually abused by their fellow soldiers. But people state that this is their fault. Child soldiers should be granted amnesty, and should not be prosecuted in the court. Their leaders should be prosecuted, not the underage youths that are a slave to their commander's demands. First and foremost, a child depends on their parents to put a roof over their head, and food and water in their stomachs. Yet, when they are slaughtered in front of one’s innocent eyes, one depends on their commander, for food, water, and a house. You become…show more content…
According to Grace Akallo, she explains, “When the girls were forced to have sex with soldiers, for example, they only had the expression, ‘become wives’ to describe it,”(p.1). What this evidence shows is that child soldiers were not only made to slay people, but were forced to have relationships. They were mentally abused by the war scene, but also physically abused by the soldiers. Also, a female soldier might have more to remind them of the war. Many of the girls were pregnant or had children with the soldiers (Former Kony Child Soldier Tells Her Story, Robin Young, and Jeremy Hobson, 2012, p.1) This illustrates that although a male soldier and a female soldier fight side-by-side, female soldiers must carry this memory with them as long as they live, as a male soldier might be able to force the memories out. How could a female soldier forget about their

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