Argumentative Essay: Child Soldiers

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Child Soldiers
Chouk! Fffook! Fwoop! That is the sound of guns firing. Innocent lives being taken by those who are forced to kill. Forced to obey. Forced to either kill or be killed. These are the kids who are dying for their country, family, and for their freedom. Child soldiers are practically forced into fighting, have seen loved ones brutally killed or tortured, and have been drugged. These actions were not choices by these kids but choices that were made for them. Therefore, child soldiers should be given amnesty for the crimes that they did not want to commit, rather than the ones they wanted to commit. Child soldiers should be given amnesty because they were forced to fight, have been drugged, and have witnessed their own families being killed or tortured.
Children have been the main victims in these attacks against people. They have been given a choice whether to fight or die. They chose to fight because they were forced to,
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However, such exposure can cause trauma in one's’ life, and will haunt them for years to come. “Children have been victims of floggings and witnessed other horrific human rights abuses, including stonings, amputations, and killings carried out in public by armed Islamist groups,” as stated (“Children in Somalia”). Also stated,” Children have also seen relatives and friends killed or tortured.” (“Children in Somalia”). These kids have suffered so much trauma that they will never recover from it. ” The first person they have to kill is someone in their own family -- or be killed themselves” (“Prosecuting Child Soldiers”). The first person these kids have to kill before they are forced into fighting is their own family. No one would do that unless they were forced to, or if they truly believed it was the only thing that could have been done. This event happened to thousands of child soldiers causing trauma and guilt that they will never be able to
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