Argumentative Essay: College Education Linked To Higher Pay

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College is Valuable Many young American’s are putting off college to work and make money instead (Smith). College can be exhausting. It takes up a great deal of resources and time; however, studies have shown that college graduates with at least a Bachelor’s Degree can earn almost twice as much as people with just a high school education (Leonhardt). Although college is strenuous, it is definitely beneficial because it is a good investment in future life, it increases wages, and it decreases unemployment. College is a great investment in future life, it can even influence families. Even though many students go into debt to get a college education, the average person can pay off student loans by the age of 34 “College Education Linked To Higher Pay”. This shows that even though debt may be acquired to some degree, it will be able to be paid off before too long. College has even been able to change some people’s families. Rodney K. Smith, a professor of law at…show more content…
In some cases, this may be true; however, these jobs do not always come with the same benefits that other higher paying jobs have. In an article posted by Vertical News it states, “Individuals with higher education levels earn more, pay more taxes, and are more likely than others to be employed and to have job benefits such as retirement and health insurance” “College Education Linked To Higher Pay”. This quote shows that people with a college education have a better chance of receiving health care and being able to retire; whereas someone who goes to trade school might not get as many benefits. In conclusion, getting a college education is worth it because it is a good investment in future life, it increases wages, and it decreases unemployment rates. If obtaining a college education is possible, take the chance. It could affect many people for generations to
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