Argumentative Essay: College Sports And College Education

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College Sports Are Good
When it comes to the topic of college sports, most of us will readily agree that college student athletes earn the college millions of dollars every year. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether sports should be included in an institution college education. Where as some are convinced that students should only go to college to get an education, others maintain that students should be permitted to play sports and go to college and get an education. Although it’s possible that college sports may be a distraction to students education, college sports should be offered to universities around the world.
Although, college athletes play sports I understand that school is important,and you have to have good grades to be able to participate in your extra curricular activity. College students get a high GPA and everything to be able to get into the school they want whereas student athletes don’t have to work as hard. While college sports play a valuable role on university
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For a lot of student athletes sports are the only thing that they rely on as an opportunity to make a better life for themselves. Many student athletes come from poor families that have a low graduation rate. As they grow up, they realize the outstanding athletic gifts they have and use their potential to get noticed by colleges, thus receiving a scholarship.Jabrill Peppers is one of the best players in college football, he was nominated for the heisman trophy this year. What a lot of people don't know is that he grew up in a harmful environment, always waking up in the morning having the thought of if he was going to live to see tomorrow. Getting the scholarship to the University of Michigan, is what he saw as his opportunity to do something useful with his life. Jabrill Peppers is one of very many college athletes that have relied on college
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