Argumentative Essay: Columbine High School Shooting

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Kennedi Grismer Mrs.Davis College Prep English 4 April 2017 Columbine School Shooting Twelve kids and one teacher melancholy pronounced dead at a scene proclaimed the “Columbine Shooting” at Columbine High school in Littleton, Colorado. Men were disguised in ski masks, by the names of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Nobody knows exactly why they did it, but some spectators say it was to get revenge of when they got bullied in high school( “ I was just sitting at work, having my lunch break and something sparked my eye. I had heard that there were two seniors, that actually attended Columbine High School, had shot all of these people. They had even wounded twenty two others,who were luc to be alive,”said Kenneth Grismer…show more content…
Schools have also took into action different ways and scenarios of lock down drills. “ I have heard a lot that schools have been doing defence drills in place of lock down drills where kids will grab heavy, harmful objects, and fight back towards the intruder. I think this is smart to an extent. If someone is holding a gun at your head, and you are not capable of taking gun from that person, I don’t think moving is your best option. But, if the intruder is not facing you, or doesn’t have a gun, fifty plus kids, and teachers, could easily take on one or two people. There had been speculations that the kids had been bullied, or unpopular, which also triggered educational facilities to do more activities, and advertisements of bullying. There have been assemblies, harsher punishments, and organizations for help if you feel you are being…show more content…
How the police departments, and SWAT teams handle, and proceed things, and also more help, and education with contacts for people who feel threatened by being bullied. They now also have restrictions on video games for age limits for being eligible to buy games involving shooting other people, like Call Of Duty, GTA, and many others. Some video gaming creators have even been sued for having a character in the game, shooting a gun, that was under eighteen. I think this is a good idea, because so many kids get their ideas and aggression from video games, or movies they
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