Argumentative Essay: Coming Home To A House Alone

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When I was younger I would sit all on my lonesome very often. I would hear kids mumbling to their friends about me being all alone. “Look at that loaner” yes, at that moment in time I was sitting without anyone around me physically, but I knew, although i was with no one else in that place in time that I still have plenty of friends that could be with me at anytime. To be lonely is to be full of sorrow when one has no friends or nobody at all, but really loneliness is not saddening at all it 's actually a good thing. It involves being alone sometimes and having your own time to yourself. A person is not depressed when not around friends. After a long day of work, sitting behind a desk, moving to different classes, taking in a lot of knowledge, and associating oneself with plenty of people. Coming home to a house alone is actually the best thing to do, “Constantly being ‘on’ doesnt give your brain a chance to rest and replenish itself,” Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D. wrote in Psychology Today. One does not have to meditate to get the perks of meditation, for one 's brain has been running continuously without breaks. The simplicity of just showering is alone time that just gives ease of mind, no need of thought, it just relaxes one. Just being lonely t home is enough to relax oneself. In a study performed it was found that for teenagers the more lonely and pulled away from peers one is, the better and how it actually ironically complments a teenagers social

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