Argumentative Essay: Common Reasons For Banning Books

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Classic well-known books such as Harry Potter, Slaughterhouse Five, along with many other books have been banned. Books should not be banned from any school or library. People buy books simply because they have been outlawed, children should be exposed to the real life situations that books can offer them, and people should be able to read what they want. These are the reasons that banning books is controversial. People buy books because they have been banned. An example of this is in the article “I Am Very Real” by Kurt Vonnegut “… Crowing about all the books we will sell because of the news.” This quote explains that by banning books people will buy the books wondering why they have banned. However, according to “Common Reasons for Banning Books” “Each book that is banned … is done so for the content within its pages.” This may be true, but people will still want to find out for themselves what the inappropriate content might be.…show more content…
Many books have been banned for not being age appropriate, as can be seen in the article “Schools and Censorship: Banned Books” “1,256 [books] were challenged to material considered non age-appropriate or unsuited to age group.” On the other hand, some people think that children should be restricted in their book choice. An example is in the article by Kurt Vonnegut “… our responsibility to decide what books our children are going to… read in our community.” Children should have the freedom to choose which books they want to read. We should trust our children to make good book choices, most of them are mature enough to understand books above their age level and which books are right for them. Children shouldn’t be restricted from the books they like and choose to read. Children are smart enough to decide for themselves what they read. No one should be forced to read any book but everyone should get the choice to decide what books they
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