Argumentative Essay: Competitive Sports Cause More Injuries

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Competitive Argument Essay
Subtopic: Competitive sports cause more injuries.
Westin Hoffman
About 3.5 million kids get injured each year, that’s a lot. Some argue that kids should play sports because of many health benefits but I still think that competitive sports are a not a positive effect, but still people think that they cause more injuries than other activities. I will talk about the fact that I think that kids should not play competitive sports because they can cause injuries.It is clear that overall that competitive sports cause various injuries. Because injuries can cause smaller injuries and lead to bigger injuries, because kids lose playing time, and because overuse of a part of your body can cause more or worse injuries injuries. And according to Serena Gordon a abc publisher wrote that. Recent research suggests that as many as four in 10 emergency room visits for children between 5 and 14 years old are for sports-related injuries. (Gordon, 2017)

Body Paragraph 1 One reason is that smaller injuries can lead to bigger injuries. I still know if you don’t even get injured that means that it is hard to get even more injured. For example you can get small injuries fairly easily. Also any sport can cause any injuries. In addition if you do a certain move and or do something a lot it can lead to a bad injury. "Any sport can produce an overuse injury," explained Dr. Cynthia LaBella, medical director states. "Overuse injuries are increasing for a couple

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