Argumentative Essay 'Cost Of Survival'

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In the “Cost of Survival,” an argumentative essay, in which; voices the opinion of Theo Tucker, an individual that believes that some people “willingly put themselves into life-or-death situations,” (126) also he explains, how if these risky decisions end in needed rescue missions. Therefore, said people should pay for the cost of their rescues, because individuals that do things like “mountain climb and base jump, knowingly face danger.” (126) The author stands on the side of the argument that, these rescue missions or “efforts, can cost a lot of money, and that “The adventurer should be the one to foot the bill” (126) The author gave evidence from news story rescue missions in 2014. Speaking of, a family that was vacationing nine-hundred miles from the coast of Mexico, when their child became very ill, explaining that this rescue mission took extreme measures like; the “US Navy, Coast Guard, and the California Air National Guard,” (126) to add to this the author voiced another story, about a caver that was 4,000 feet underground, when a rock fell and struck him, keep in mind that this “took rescue…show more content…
Something that maybe would be running through your mind if you read this argument paper, to add to that thought, the author's opinion on these two groups is, that they are very different, and not only need to be treated differently, but billed differently, such as, in the state of “New Hampshire, hikers who get lost or injured because of reckless behavior can be billed for rescue services.” (127) Although the author makes this issue very apparent, when taking into account the counter arguments he mentions that many people “ignore calling for help” (127) simply, that they are afraid to be billed for something, that has been viewed as their fault. The author continues to arugue that the adventurer should pay the bill accknowledging how “many rescue workers have lost their own lives saving others.”
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