Argumentative Essay: Dale Ramroop's Murder

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One of the men suspected in the murder of La Romain teenager Mickel Thomas was identified in Sunday night 's shooting in which another teenager from the community was injured. Investigators said yesterday, that the shooter who was identified as "Sweet Man," is the step son of a reputed drug dealer known as “Lion.” They believe Lion put out a hit on Thomas’ life following a dispute he had with Sweet Man, early last month. A report stated that around 9.30 pm Sunday, Keenan Boyce, 19, was driving a vehicle along the Southern Main Road, La Romain with his friend Wendell Moze, 19. On reaching George Street intersection, they observed Sweet Man and another man standing on the corner. Both men pulled out firearms and opened fire on the car, hitting Boyce in the left shoulder. They were able to escape to the San Fernando General Hospital where Boyce was being treated up to yesterday.…show more content…
Investigators suspect that the shooting was either drug related or a reprisal shooting for a prior incident. Around 4 pm on July 16, Thomas, 19, of Nice Street, La Romain was at his god brother 's home along Charles Street when he got a phone call from someone telling him to pick up a meal of barbecue chicken. While riding his bicycle, a white Nissan AD Wagon pulled in front him and three men with automatic guns jumped out and shot him. The men then got back into the wagon and left. He was taken to hospital where he died while being

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