Argumentative Essay: Disparities In Pro Sports

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If you are like me last night you sat down and watched a lot of football, admittedly between college football on Saturday and pro on Sunday I may have watched a bit too much. The climax of Sunday 's NFL action took place in Green Bay, Wisconson in a game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. A game the Packers won which I have no problem with, but I do have a problem with this being sold to us as a "rivalry" game. There are only about five or six good "rivalries" left in pro sports and this is not one. The only sports that really have rivalries left are the NHL and just a tiny bit the NFL (barely). So why the disparity in meaningful rivalry games? I honestly believe that free agency has, for the most part, made the world of…show more content…
No rivalries here. Well, Warriors and Clippers is always a fun Christmas day matchup. Remember when San Antonio and Los Angeles used to be a thing? Or when Kevin Garnett and the Celtics would put Lebron and the Cavaliers out of the playoffs almost annually? Yeah, those rivalries have gone by the wayside, the NBA honestly is no fun to watch for me. Do not get me wrong I had so much fun pulling for The Golden State Warriors last year but the regular season is just boring. ESPN actually last year aired a game between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Charlotte Hornets last year, and that just screams awful no matter how much you love Anthony Davis. Ah, baseball the sport that is slowly slipping into the same boat as Major League Soccer. Some rivalries here but it is about the same as the NFL, playoff matchups get confused as rivalries. The Cardinals and the Giants always offer up a great playoff series but for the regular season well not so much. They played around seven kinds of boring sloppy games where the pitching sucked and the bats were just as unimpressive. The best thing about baseball in all honesty is the playoff races like right now the AL central is hot along with the AL east that as well is about it. What can we do to revive the "rivalry"? Nothing. I honestly believe it is gone, to a point I think most players think about a paycheck more than the game they love to play. I hate to say it, but hatred in pro sports may be
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