Argumentative Essay: Do College Students Need Free Colleges?

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Making College free will do nothing but make things worse. Free college will attract many different people and could overpopulate the college. Many students will take advantage of the “free” concept and waste the money and time spent of the college. Although people believe offering free college will solve many problems with the U.S economy, free college should not be an option because it will not help teach responsibility, will bring in unprepared students, and will not solve problems with the economy. . “How would free college improve students readiness”? Just because the students aren’t paying, doesn’t mean there grades will go up. It’s been found that colleges that cost two or three times more than other colleges have higher completion rates. Throwing Money (free college) at students wont remove all the other obstacles that will be in the…show more content…
If some students have no responsibility they will soon take things for granted. Just because the students helps pay for college doesn’t mean they will be broke. They should help out with the money so they will know responsibility. “Kids that work part time (in college) do better than kids who don’t work at all or work full time” – Gary Buffone.. Example is Kim Linger. She is going to college and her parents and herself are going to split the bill. She will work while being in college so she can help pay the bill. So families can take different routes to paying for college, along with teaching responsibility.
“Not paying for college will not solve every problem.” There are many problems and things that are effects by making college free. Making college tuition free will raise bills in some place else, so in the long run you will be paying lots of money out of pocket. Free college wont help the college look good; it will start to bring in unprepared students. College free does not solve every problem, it will only make things
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