Argumentative Essay: Do People Wear The Body Cameras?

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The body cameras will help not only officers, but also citizens. Most crucial arrests happen while people are being very violent as they are being arrested. Most of these arrest is illegal due to many chokeholds being done and also civilians being shot down really bad. The point for the officer to be wearing these cameras is so no violence will be given to the officer or to the victim. Many of the victims that are arrested happen to be very violent and do not like being soft with officers so what they find the best thing to do is to fight back with officers, but when something like that happens the officers do have right to give them harm due to the fact that they are being violent and hitting back. People state that there are a lot of police…show more content…
The victim’s that do get arrested are either drunk or on any kind of drugs. The drugs that do get many people hyped is cocaine and many officers to find many victim’s “cocked out”, with these kind of people it is hard to communicate because they get very crazy and do not follow directions. As for officers, many try to maintain their patience and try to not go very violent with them, they do see or know that the person is on drugs so they try their best to make that person follow directions so nothing can get too violent with the victim. The people who are drunk is something a little different for officers. Officers have been knowing that there is a different kind of drunk people, the ones who very calm and listen to what they say and the other drunk people are the very loud ones that still listen to directions, but then there is the drunk people who are loud and start hitting and being violent. The only way officers try to control drunk people is to be a lot more patient with them than the people who are on drugs. Many have thought to themselves or have realized that the people who are on drugs are more calm than the people are drunk, the reason with that being said is because even though people are on drugs and in their own little world they can be controlled very easily. For the drunk people some can
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