Argumentative Essay: Do We Need Gun Control?

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Gun Control
We should have gun control because it would stop more shootings and it might help us with our lives a little bit more.If we have limitations to people who are ill or if they were arrested and they cannot buy guns or even own one.An example is in “(1968) they prohibited the sale of rifles by mail.”(A.Winkler).
An example why we should have gun control is that in “2006 there has been a mass amounts of shootings 146 with more than 900 victims in Washington near a navy yard.”(Squires,Peter).We need gun control so we won’t get more shootings or even worse.If we don’t have gun control it would make more people buy guns and it can be bad for people because they can get worried if they see a man/woman have a gun.
If we have gun control, we would accept it because we have a safe place to go and not much people you will see have a gun.Gun control would work because then it would lower the rate of gun violence also it would bring up a safer place to live in.We need gun control so it could lower shootings and gang violence as well.How it will lower down gang violence is it will be harder for gangs to go buy guns and a place also if they tried to get it illegally it wouldn’t work due to the person not being able to buy guns.
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Why will you not have gun control it would lead to worse causes in life and if anyone has a gun they can go harm people.Say if you were on the streets and you say a man with a gun in his pocket what would you do.Think about it you have gun control and it will bring down gun
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