Argumentative Essay: Do We Need More Gun Control

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More than 100,000 people in America are killed in murders, assaults, suicides, suicide attempts, accidents, or by police intervention. 31,537 of those people die from gun violence. Although this may seem like a relatively high number, over the past 20 years, gun sales have exploded, but homicides with firearms are down 39 percent, while “other crimes with firearms” are down 69 percent (Infowars). There may be some limitations for criminals, but there are several ways to maneuver through the gun system and for criminals to get the weapons they need. Gun control are a hot button topic in the US and is in need of a solution. Many ask, do we need more gun control or less? It is clear that less gun control will not only prevent an increase in murder…show more content…
Will taking away the guns of the public really affect homicide and public shootings? A study conducted by the University of Harvard Massachusetts concluded that violent crimes have fallen after states allowed for citizens to carry a concealed weapon. This study also shows results in homicide decreasing by 8.5 percent, rape falling by 5 percent and aggravated assault dropped by 7 percent. There is a reduction of gun related crime in states that allow citizens to possess concealed weapons. The truth is simple, guns are not always used as a means of offensive action, it is used by a majority as a means of self-defense. Some may claim that Hawaii, the third toughest gun laws in the nation, is the gun control paradise the world has been looking for. This is not the case, due to the population of the state at 1.4 million and the amount of gun owning citizens only at 19,365. With gun laws so strict that a U.S. judge ruled part of the Hawaii Firearm Law unconstitutional (Khon), and

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