Argumentative Essay: Does Class Size Matter?

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Class Sizes Argumentative Essay by Isaiah.E Period 2 When asked the question does class size matter? I say yes because teachers don?t want a crowded class room where it is to crowded and noisy, but them also don?t want a small classroom where it i silent, almost dead-like.One reason is overcrowding. Another is under-crowding. And school budgeting.
Overcrowding is a problem because in overcrowding classes according to Rose Arce in ?does class size matter?? kids don?t get the attention they need from the teacher resulting in them not learning as much so the withdraw, become disruptive and some even dropout. Overcrowded classes are large and hard to control. When there are kids that need help, they can?t get it because there are too many students
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Under-crowded classes the positives are better test scores,fewer drop outs and higher graduation rates,especially for poorer children according to?Everyone knows students learn more in smaller classes, or do they?. But as a con more teachers are needed which many states believe they can 't afford right now.To answer this project STAR was made to see if smaller classes were better learning conditions,they had bad results because they hired inexperienced teachers.
There was many budget cuts causing a school to only have a certain amount of teachers. These cuts mad classes bigger and harder to teach.These cuts made teachers at schools with small classes lose their jobs. The STAR project had the most effect in 1st grade out of kindergarten through 3rd grade.
Some people believe it doesn 't matter how many kids are in each class. They think if there are too many teachers then some should be fired or if there are too many students then more teachers should be hired. But they are wrong because school budgeting forbids stuff like that.They oppose the idea of test to see class size affect learning but these test actually prove them wrong like the STAR
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