Argumentative Essay: Does Poverty Cause Terrorism?

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Name_ Farid Shahbalayev
Class_ WRIT 100
Writing #5_ Argumentative Essay _ Does Poverty Cause Terrorism?
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How many times will people hear the sounds of bombs and how many innocence will be killed until someone finds the way of stopping the terrorism? It even seems impossible whether one day people can realize their hopes of a world free of terrorism. Although it is hard to give a precise definition to the term of “terrorism”, most qualified experts define it as the use of violence against civilians or government in order to achieve particular political goals.1 But still this correlation also might be argued because there are some other reasons why terrorism grows faster and faster. The reason why terror attacks happen is not only to influence government decisions or legislation.
Over the last two years, approximately 80% of terror acts occurred only in these five countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeriya, and Syria in which the level of poverty and illiteracy is below the average standards.2 As terrorism has become a
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Whitehead (2007) provided, it does not seem plausible that poverty is the cause of terrorism. The author does not take into account of other poor countries such as Burundi and Zimbabwe. Although these countries are on the top 10 poorest countries list, the terrorism rate is lower than rich countries such as the UK and the US.3 In addition, if one looks through the biographies of the famous terrorists, it becomes obvious that most of them come from wealthy and well-educated families. For instance, Osama bin Laden himself was a son of a magnate, and he had the university degree. Another example, Mohammed Asha and Bilal Abdulla, who attempted to crash the Glasgow airport terminal in the UK, were sophisticated doctors. Although these facts demonstrate the fallacies of the argument that poverty causes terrorism, but it does not mean that indirect impact of poverty-related routes on terrorism does not

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