Argumentative Essay: Domestic Affairs In The United States

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Our political spectrum is democratic, we believe we are for the people and the government should do all we can to make America the best country to live in. What we are most focused on at this point is domestic affairs. We should not be sticking our noses in other countries. We have to better ourselves before we try to change anyone’s beliefs let alone force ours upon them. By domestic affairs we mean education, taxes, energy, creativity, immigration, national debt, social issues, health care, unemployment, and security both national and social. Although all domestic affairs are most important to us the ones we need to focus on more are Education, National security, and Economy. The way we want to change education is to create a bill giving the underprivileged and motivated a chance to become who they want and what they want their stance to be in life. Such as a Bill that gives the underprivileged the same chance as those born with money. Making better scholarships and more financial aid depending on your financial status. The next issue we would like to address is the threat of security both national and social. Seeing how we now face threats due to nosey government tactics and pushing our…show more content…
Earlier this year, the committee in charge of the Social Security trust funds released its latest annual report detailing the financial status of the government-administered social safety net that millions of Americans rely on for income in retirement. While the main $2.7 trillion trust fund continues to grow,moving at the slowest pace in years, this trend is expected to turn around over the next few years, most likely around 2022. We are referring here only to the Old age and survivors trust fund organization.. The balance will then decline at an accelerating rate until the fund is fully depleted in 2034. At that point, the program will be deemed unable to pay, and retirement benefits will have to be cut by an estimated
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