Argumentative Essay: Don T Drink And Drive

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Drinking And Driving. A man and his three children went to go get dinner for their sick mother. While driving through town they were T-boned by a drunk teenager, which caused them to roll multiple times. After the accident police pronounced that only two out of the five people in the accident had lived, One child and the drunk driver. The story above is a prime example of how drunk driving can tear families apart, or possibly injured an innocent person. Drunk driving is a selfish act because it hurts people who don’t deserve the pain of drunk driving. Also the drunk driver will live with the guilt of hurting other people, a day won’t go by where they don't think about it. Reading this article will open your eyes to the serious problem of Driving under the influence, also the miserable impacts it has on people today.People Should not drink and drive because it can tear innocent families apart by injuring innocent people, it also is very selfish act for one to do, and it will leave someone with a lot guilt that they will face each day. People should not drink and drive because it can tear innocent families apart, by injuring innocent people. The Third fact in “ 11 DUI facts ” claims, “ Every 51 minutes in America, someone is killed…show more content…
My heart breaks for those poor, innocent people who have been affected by drunk driving. I also hope that other people will not ever have to go through such a thing. Although they were in the wrong, however I still feel bad for the drunk driver because, knowing that your mistake cost someone's life is not an easy thought to process. Sadly these accidents happen all the time. But what if people stopped drinking and driving, then nobody would have to go through this

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