Argumentative Essay: Donald Trump Is For Disaster

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The D in Donald is for Disaster In heat of the upcoming Presidential Election, the United States has become extremely divided based upon who is supporting whom. Being as opinionated as us Americans can be, a lot of inappropriate things have been said from both the candidates and their supporters. One candidate in particular whose opinions have affected the most people, is also leading in the polls, Donald Trump. I think if Donald Trump becomes our 47th president our government will be a racist, unjust, dictatorship. Donald Trump has made it extremely clear that he himself is a racist, so in result his government supporting him will be the same thing. In a recent appearance, Donald Trump has made the promise “to build a “great wall” on the Mexican-American border, and then bizarre promise that Mexico would pay for it.” (Hollywood Life) If he does so, he is discriminating against the Hispanic race, which is racist! If he is allowed to do so it is because our government leaders have allowed him to do so, because it is well known that the President cannot make any moves without government approval. The only way they would support such a decision is if majority were in agreeance with the decision, and if so? They are racist as well. To be unjust, means to not behave according to what is morally right or fair, which is…show more content…
I’ve never had any problem with leading people. If I say, ‘Do it,’ they’re going to do it.” (Washington Post) This quote is portrayed to me as someone who is eager to boss others around. A leader should lead someone towards a certain direction, and saying “Do it” is not the way leaders go about things. The government will become victims of Trump’s “Do it” mindset, and the government will quickly go from a democracy to a dictatorship. The government will be forced to do as Trump says, and considering it will be filled with his supporters, they may be more than willing to do
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