Argumentative Essay: Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again

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Numerous Americans would agree, 2015 was not a pleasant year in the United States. Although there have been strides in technology and civil rights, tensions rose in the Middle East and countless mass shootings occurred. As the 2016 election nears, a myriad of presidential candidates are promising a better future, but one, in particular, has caught the eye of the nation. The billionaire’s name is Donald Trump and he is the GOP’s front runner. Supporters believe in Trump’s campaign slogan that he will “Make America Great Again”, but there also those who have condemned him as well as his ideas. Those opposed believe Donald Trump’s plans for immigration and his personal beliefs are outrageous. Donald Trump’s supporters, however, do stand by his…show more content…
This topic has been a very sensitive topic to talk about since an Islamic extremist group, ISIS, bombed several places killing at least 100 people. While the debate continues, Donald Trump has already established a strong view of what should happen to not only Syrian refugees, but all Muslims. Trump’s plan includes refusing access into the country if you are a Muslim not from America. His statement not only baffled democrats, it also was disowned by most…show more content…
Our current president believes airstrikes are sufficient in the battle against terrorism. While some people disagree with just the airstrikes, more Americans believe sending ground troops will just end in disaster. Donald Trump wants to send in ground troops, he “wants to take away their wealth” (Donald Trump 2015). This opens another debate if Donald Trump is qualified to be president in the first place. Donald Trump has no background in politics, and Americans are frightful of another candidate becoming president that has hand no background in

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