Argumentative Essay: Drinking And Driving

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Should an individual have their license revoked for a year after receiving a DUI? I believe that their licence should be revoked for a year. No one should ever get behind the wheel after they have been driving!

It is estimated that in the state of ohio, more than 10,265 are killed each year as a result of drinking and driving. And last year there were 71,034 injuries resulted from drinking and driving. So therefore is drinking and driving a issue in ohio? Yes it is an issue that needs to be dealt with. People now a days just don’t care and just push the issue aside. Drunk driving is a serious issue!

Overall everyone deals with alcohol differently, and there are many factors that can determine this. Studies show that men can drink more than
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They talk about how in some major places they have checkpoints to see if people are impaired. The police may give a breath test if they have reason to believe that the person has been drinking. Having checkpoints is a very good idea to keep drunk drivers off the roads and protect other drivers. I believe this should be enforced in every state.

In Ohio there is a group called Mothers against drunk driving. This organization started on september 5, 1980. MADD has blossomed greatly through the years and has had a major impact on stopping drinking and driving. Just on average mothers against drunk driving has saved on average of 330,000 lives and still counting and that was just in 2014 so just imagine the number now.

Drinking while driving not only affects the driver himself, his family and also passengers that may be riding with him and this person's family as well. And not to mention the other people and pedestrians that are on the road. When a person becomes a fatality they are not just a victim, their families suffer
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Drinking and driving is a serious matter that does not need to be taken lightly. Think of your loved ones and other families before you get behind the wheel. Is it really worth risking your life as well as other lives for just a little
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