Argumentative Essay Enterprising Nonprofits

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In his argumentative essay “Enterprising Nonprofits” J. Gregory Dees compares the non-profit organizations with their tendency to the commercial world. He points out that both advantages and disadvantages of the shift from purely philanthropic to purely commercial stage for NGOs. As Dees states, to be self-sufficient as an NGO, nonprofit organizations should conceive their strategies carefully. As more and more non-profit organizations arise, NGOs should blend the commercialism with the core values and missions of the organization to differ from others. This paper will give insights to the Guide Dogs Association in İstanbul to implement successful strategies in order to scale up the number of volunteers and funds. Even though many non-profit organizations have distinctive purposes, they all…show more content…
With the increasing number of NGOs, the competition for funds and grants are rising as well. It can be traced back to the tendency of behaving like for-profit organizations. If the non-profit organizations’ aim is to be self-sufficient, they should get in the market by taking risks and implementing strategies which is blended with NGO’s mission and vision. Moreover, creativity is an essential factor which can change the mindset of the people who will pay for the product or service. It is crucial to understand that the new sources of revenue may alienate the organization from its main objectives. The non-profit organizations have some privileges comparing to for-profit organizations. As Dees states (1998), tax deductions, volunteer labor, availability to reach in-kind aids and supplier discounts are some benefits of non-profits. That is why, before setting up a new commercial activity leaders should consider about legal and tax advices. However, all of these advantages cannot be a determinant factor of the lucrativeness since running a business requires some
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