Argumentative Essay: Even Santa Ana Can T Save You

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Even Santa Ana Can’t Save You Travelling is a way in which individuals take the opportunity to visit countries they have never visited before. When given the chance to travel, tourists sometimes take a look at reviews about certain destinations that may interest them. The United States is responsible for letting American citizens know which countries they can travel to, and which countries they advise citizens to not travel to. El Salvador is located within the countries that US citizens are advised not to travel to. Even though this country is in the travel warning list, it still has a rich culture and experience to offer to its visitors. However, according to U.S. Passports and International Travel, tourists should not travel to El Salvador due to the following reasons: crime and violence that consists of extortion, mugging, highway assault, car theft,…show more content…
While it is not evident whether or not US Citizens are specifically targeted, they are also travelling at a great risk. Other than killing each other, criminals also participate in crimes such as extortion, which is when criminals demands money from the victims by threating them. This is something that has been occurring very frequently in El Salvador. These kinds of extortions are mainly seen through small businesses; however, other individuals are threaten as well. When an individual fails to cooperate with the criminal, there may severe consequences such as death. Individuals that come from the United States are also targeted because of the popular idea that those who are American are rich. There is also transportation extortion in El Salvador, which endangers American citizens who use public transportation in El Salvador. Extortion levels against transport operators were predicted to remain high during 2014; however, extortion levels did not only remain high, there was a significant increase as well (“Extortion Risks Rise for Transport
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