Argumentative Essay-Everyone Should Metal Detect

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Everyone Should Metal Detect Most people think that metal detecting is just a dumb boring hobby on the beach for retired bald people. Actually, it’s not necessarily boring at all. It is actually quite fun. It is a very fun hobby, it is educational, and you CAN strike rich!!! Let me explain to you why! Metal detecting is a very fun hobby. You can go to various places around the world like ghost towns, ancient ruins, or even your own backyard! Metal detecting, it’s like the simulation of treasure hunting. Your imagination can run wild while metal detecting. You could be pirate hunting for the treasure chest, or you could imagine what was once there from a time before. People can get great and joy from this hobby which makes it fun to them Metal detecting can be very fun and educational too. The history of what lies beneath the surface could be breathtaking. Many relics of the people from the past could have been lost, or left behind. By an old piece of scrap metal you find in your yard could have been a big piece of some ones life. A child’s favorite toy, a…show more content…
Who doesn’t wanna be rich?!?! This is the last reason why EVERYONE should metal detect. Many people back in the day did not trust the banks. So, those people who didn’t use their banks hid their money. They hid them in various places like burying it by a tree, or under their floorboards, or even in their barn under the ground. People hid their guns and weapons too. Money (aka coins and bills) and weapons (aka rifles, pistols, knives, etc.) from the 1700’s to the early 1900’s are very valuable to collectors. If you are not sentimental with your finds, you can strike rich!!! Some collectors pay real BIG bucks for people’s finds, and not just weapons or money. On the show Diggers on Discovery Channel the Digger found a old coin purse, with their metal detector, in tact from the late 1800’s with 2 gold coins. It was sold to a local collector for over 2

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