Argumentative Essay: Fast Food The New Tobacco

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Essay 4: Timed Self Evaluation Essay An argumentative essay is a persuasion of sorts. You must take a clear position on a topic and then support that position with reliable sources that you have researched and logical information to defend your claim. To be successful at writing you must be able to master the argumentative essay. The argumentative essay assist writers in developing investigating and properly citing skills, the ability to develop and reasonably defend a position, as well as presentation of counterclaims to positions. Researching valid and reliable information as well as acknowledgment of the source it came from is essential in authoring an effective persuasive essay. It is always a good idea begin by investigating only trustworthy…show more content…
If you only present your side of the argument the reader with discredit your position with the notion that you did not consider any opposition. No one will be persuaded by a one-sided argument. It always an excellent idea to include more than one counterclaim in your essay. This I did not do in my essay because the topic I was discussing and the position I was taking in my essay titled, “Is Fast Food the New Tobacco?”, was the obvious position and not many opposed this view on the topic. Rebutting counterclaims in your argumentative essay gives the writer an opportunity to connect with the reader. It is also evidence that the author is well-informed and has done the proper…show more content…
Which I have no idea why, because I spent many hours perfecting my argumentative essay and even emailed a copy to the professor ahead of time to see if I was doing this correctly, which she replied with the comment that it was great. I received a great grade on the working dray of essay 3 of a 91%, and corrected all the grammar errors that were marked and received a 51 % on my final draft. I still have no idea why I was graded so badly. This has been the most difficult English class I have taken to date. I have always made an A in English and considered myself a good writer until now. Honestly I am discouraged and

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