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Federalism Federalism is a system of government in which power is divided between federal government, state government and provinces government. While federalism has many benefits, among them is checks and balances between the federal and state government, thus reducing the chances of one party getting too powerful and abusing their power. Preventing one party from being too powerful and abusing their powers is a good thing. However, it comes with a price that federal and provinces (state and local) governments do not always see eye to eye and agree with each other, which turns into conflict. An issue such as medical marijuana, the federal government allows states to make and enforce laws in their own states. States such as Washington, California,…show more content…
However, this ruling does not overturn a state law such as California to allow medical marijuana in their state. However, it does mean that people who have an illness such as Larry Harvey are at risk of being sued by the federal agencies including Drug Enforcement Administration. The Bush administration has been against legalizing medical marijuana, Justice Paul Stevens of the Bush administration has been emphasizing against marijuana stating “unscrupulous physicians” might exploit the broadly worded California law to make marijuana and sell it. On the other hand, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer emphasized that ill citizens of California will continue to grow medical marijuana ignoring the risk of arrest and prosecution under federal law. Attorney General Bill Lockyer said “shows the vast philosophical difference between the federal government and Californians on the rights of patients to have access to the medicine they need to survive and lead healthier lives.” Many citizens of California such as Robert Raich, Angel Raich and Diane Monson who support medical marijuana hoped their voice and the voice of people who support medical marijuana be heard in Congress. Diane Monson for example, was prescribed medical marijuana because of her lower back pain. On the same topic, Angel Raich was prescribed medical marijuana because without it, she would lose her appetite and die from a “wasting syndrome.” Angel Raich said “I don’t know how to explain it, I just can’t swallow without

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