Argumentative Essay: Feminism And Gender Stereotypes

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So is this how we look at the beautiful women sitting in this room? And is this how we should view the handsome men seated next to us. I must say if this is true then this is most disappointing. Will Rogers once said that “we will never have a true civilization until we learnt to recognize the rights of others?”
If we look upon feminism to be the better ideal to have or for chauvinism to tick all the right boxes, I ask you what type of unity will we be creating? Why should we have the stereotypical women being portrayed as the perfect house wife, there to please a man and his expectations, or why should a man be the sole provider for a household. Unfortunately, I strongly disagree with both these stereotypes. Neither feminism nor chauvinism should be allowed to win this debate.
“It’s my view that gender is culturally formed, but it’s also a domain of agency or freedom and that it is most important to resist the violence imposed by ideal gender norms,
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Even twins have a difference that you use no matter how small that difference may be. Gloria Steinem said that “Women are not going to be equal outside the home until men are equal in it.” However regardless of exterior environment, each individual has the capability to perform well where they feel comfortable. No one is going to be comfortable in a place that is unknown or new, whether a person is a natural extrovert or not. This emphasizes the fact that people should respect each other, and not try and force them to adjust to unknown territory. A man can do domestic work in a house if he is comfortable, and the same can be said with a woman, if she wishes to do mechanical work in a workshop. Only the gender groups can decide to be equal if they take the action to do so. Artist Pablo Picasso simply put this as “Action is the foundational key to all

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