Argumentative Essay: Fighting Without Guns To Be Equal

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Fighting Without Guns To Be Equal
The nineteenth amendment granted the right for women to vote. It was a proud day in 1920 when many women exercised their right to vote. The injustice that women face daily continues to grow. The unfairness of women can be viewed on television, in films, documentaries and even in the workplace. It seems to be a perpetual cycle. Women have to wear many For many men, a woman has to display strength, subservient and nurturing.
Batchelor Women have to endure several hardships. One of the biggest challenges is childbirth. A woman is often told to be strong and breathe. Although I haven't had the opportunity to witness this act, I have been told the last thing you want to hear is to “Be strong and breathe.” A woman was made to endure the pain. However, Hassett, Geis, and Carter (1992) claim that gender stereotypes are “common, culture wide beliefs about how men and women differ in personal qualities and characteristics” (p.29). Men have a different type of strength. They were
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One of the reasons why many women are stuck looking at the glass ceiling. Although, several women are graduating with degrees, many are confined in their positions at their place of employment. While have a corporate position would be the ultimate goal, many women are starting their own businesses. By starting their own companies, they are taking ownership of their skills, lives and careers. If a woman makes the decision to open a non- profit, they are still able to generate a salary from the organization. A non-profit is a tax-exempt organization and there are several perks if a person creates one. It is an excellent way to give back to the community. A woman is also eligible for grants from the government to start new, as well as, existing non-profits. You can be submissive by assisting with your community, church and even your family. However, when you lose yourself for the sake of pleasing someone else, should not be the end goal in

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