Argumentative Essay: Flipped Learning Vs. Traditional Learning

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Jane Marie Gensaya L85 12/06/17 BSE ENG D2: Argumentative Essay Flipped Learning vs. Traditional Learning A survey was conducted to 453 teachers who flipped their classrooms and reported that student attitudes improved by 80 percent; and 99 percent said that they would flip their classrooms again in the future (Flipped Learning Network, 2012). A quote by Hattie, Schwerdt and Wupperman state that “Lectures are not necessarily bad. Students can obtain new knowledges in an effective way”. Even though traditional learning has been proven beneficial, flipped learning is more advantageous because students can control their learning, it is more efficient for teachers and it is inexpensive for schools to implement. Traditional learning is still what is practiced the majority of the schools found in the Philippines. It is because, in traditional learning, there is a hands-on learning experience. With that, there is good communication between the teacher and students. Students and teachers will be able to meet personally through the traditional way of learning. Moreover, students may be required to give their own PowerPoint presentation. These students will have to work with all kinds of people with different perspectives. On the other hand, online courses…show more content…
Unlike traditional learning where countless of handouts, quiz papers, etc. are needed to be distributed, everything can be posted online for flipped learning. This lessens the cost of papers and printed materials. Moreover, instead of purchasing expensive printed books, eBooks are readily available and most of them can be downloaded for free. For the instructors and students, there will be less traveling, accommodation and meal costs since everything can be done at home. If schools implemented this, everyone will be able to maximize the use of the internet for

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