Argumentative Essay: Flowers For Algernon

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Annie Fischer
Hours 4 and 6
Flowers for Algernon
Argumentative essay Argumentative Essay
Ethics are referred to as the right and wrong things a human being does. They include what society thinks is good and bad. Secondly, ethics are referred to as the study and production of a person's ethical quality. Charlie Gordon did not have the pleasure to be treated with dignified ethics. Charlie was a man young aged at thirty-seven with an IQ score of sixty-eight. All he wanted was to be intelligent. Charlie finally got this opportunity when two doctors decided he was a perfect candidate for a surgery that would greatly improve his intelligence. However, Charlie Gordon's doctors did not act ethically when they performed the surgery
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They were mainly doing the surgery for their own benefit. In the story "Flowers for Algernon," Charlie overhears the doctors talking about the release date for the surgery results. This tells readers that the doctors did not care what happened to Charlie; all they cared about was getting the title of being the first doctors to be successful in a surgery like this. They also cared more about seeing the effects of the surgery on a human so they could use it for their own benefit. Therefore, the doctors surely could not be ethical if all they cared about were themselves.
Others believe Charlie Gordon's doctors were ethical when performing the surgery on him. According to Arthur Dobrin's article "Five Steps to Better Ethical Decision Making," gathering the facts, making a prediction, identifying the facts, asking whether you could live with the choices you make, and explaining your reasons to others help people to make better ethical decisions . It is arguable the doctors asked all of these questions. The doctors did gather facts about the surgery while watching Algernon change. They certainly made a prediction about the effects the surgery would have on Charlie. The doctors very clearly had their own feelings about going through with this surgery. As for the next question, the doctors probably thought if Charlie died during this situation, it was a life devoted to science and not a life
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