Why Is Rda Important

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Are You Getting Enough Nutrient RDA for Your Teeth?

What is RDA?

RDA, or recommended daily allowance, is the amount of a nutrient that should be consumed each day to maintain good health. Our bodies need vitamins and minerals each and every day, and the best source of nutrients comes from the foods we eat each.

Why is RDA Important?

Each type of nutrients are beneficial to our bodies. They work to keep your body healthy.With that said, there are certain kinds of nutrients that benefit your teeth and overall oral health. If you have any questions on which nutrients would most benefit you, just as Dr. Pat Crawford, because quality dentistry in Kenosha is here.

How do I get My RDA?

Too much or too little of these nutrients can be harmful to your body. So what are some of the nutrients that you need for your oral health?



Vitamin B3

•Vitamin B2 and B12)

•Vitamin C

•Vitamin D


Calcium is
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You need between 8 and 18 mg of iron each day, depending on your gender.

When we think of vitamin C, we often think about oranges and other citrus fruits to boost our immune system, but vitamin C is also important for oral health. Too little of this nutrient could leave you with bleeding gums and loose teeth. While getting your vitamin C can come in the form of citrus fruits, it is also available in raw red peppers as well as in sweet potatoes. You need 75-90 mg of vitamin C each day, depending on whether you are male or female. However, this amount may be higher for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Phosphorus is vital to maintain strong, healthy teeth. Getting adequate amounts of phosphorus means getting 700 mg this nutrient each day. It can be found in pumpkin seeds, wheat, wild rice, sunflower seeds, eggs, and legumes among other types of

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