Argumentative Essay: Four Day School Week

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I think there should be four day school weeks because students most likely want more free time out of school. The school days will end at 4:00 or maybe 4:30 pm because regular school days wouldn’t be enough learning time. This way we could have longer class periods and it’ll help because you’ll get the help you need and work will be handed in on time. Every student has missing work, longer school days help you get some of it all in and grades will be up. Plus, maybe students could do a little work on the day that they won’t have school. The day that we don’t have school could be the day that we could make up work and turn in assignments online on classroom. A little homework for each class would help out a lot. Teachers want to teach students and have them know all the knowledge that they teach and maybe use it in the later day lives and longer days with longer periods would let those teachers take their time teaching their subjects. This also allows students to take their time in getting their toughest work done. The class periods would probably be over an hour long but longer school days is a must if you for sure have four day weeks.

The pros of having a four day
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Critics of the shortened school week point to the fact that children who are at risk, especially those having learning difficulties may not be able to get the most out of the new program. As it might seem, 4-day school weeks would work best for kids who are self-motivated and would not serve the needs of those who do not learn in the same manner. This means a lessened focus, which can cause grades to drop. It also means that there is a higher cost for parents. Though schoold districts can save money with four day school weeks, it is the other way around for many parents. Most of them who have young students will be coerced to pay for daycare for a day that children may not have if the school schedule was still 5
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