Argumentative Essay: Four Year Colleges Vs. Four-Year College

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Higher education is problematic because it is not designed for all students. It is expensive, can cause debt, and the probability of a degree will be useless. A two-year degree is much quicker than a four- year, although the world only focuses on four-year colleges. Two-year colleges are primarily focused on pre-requisites for a major at a four-year school. Attending a two-year college can save money, and it will give the student a faster time to start their career with little or no debt. Additionally, it serves as a starting point to earn credits towards a degree at a four-year college. Also, a two-year is convenient for commuters or for students seeking affordable campus housing. According to the College Board, the cost of tuition at a two-year college is $3,131 which is one-third of the cost of a public university such as Maryland. Also, most students who attend a two-year use those years as a transition to get ready for the long four years at a big or small public university (Couch).…show more content…
Furthermore, students attending a four-year institution are basically used as a bank for that university. College is very expensive, students must pay for tuition, books, parking passes, and food. Four-year colleges may look good when a degree is obtained, but some graduates are unable to find employment after all the hard work done over four long years. This is why students are committing suicide and being mentally and physically drained which cause them to drop out or even give up (Woods). By going to a two-year college, a student will have a shorter amount of time than a four-year college to start a career or get a head start in a
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