Argumentative Essay: Free Market Health Care

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The overriding issue of health care in these United States has been nothing but overly complex and polarizing for nearly a decade. It has remained a highway loaded with tolls, potholes and void of any passing lanes.

The ObamaCare boondoggle that moved many from health plan to health plan and where everyone was to get better care by paying less while keeping their physician was nothing but a canard of epic proportions. The results of which saw double-digit increases in premiums, while increasing the national debt.

What has never been fully established and perhaps completely understood is that health insurance is not the same as health care. What is needed is a free market health care plan, not government intrigue.

Republicans have introduced
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“Technology is constantly advancing, price competition is fierce, and the consumer is king,” writes Sally C. Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute. “In the past decade, more than three million Lasik procedures have been performed. During that time, the average price of Lasik eye surgery has dropped nearly 40 percent, from $2,200 to $1,350 per…show more content…
Such innovation also underscores that overregulation is no substitute for choice and competition.

Reforming health insurance need not be a byzantine, overly complex endeavor that is thousands of pages in length and comprises one-sixth of the nation’s economy, while making it illegal not to partake.

That is just another avenue to financial perdition.

All Americans should be allotted the economic leverage that comes with competition and choice. Liberty and the free market are synonyms for each other and when applied collectively will sequester costs and increase participation.

When the force of the free market is unleashed, it is the best means for lowering costs, while encouraging more health care innovation at lower prices.

We have possessed this power all along, but a wicked an overreaching federal leviathan has refused to acknowledge it, or allowed it to work to the benefit of all Americans.

Call it the Dorothy
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