Argumentative Essay: Gender Inequality In The Military

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A common misconception is that women are a distraction to men due to sexual tension and will distract men from their duties, this ‘distraction’ may also lead to rape due to temptation. Women having experienced rape in the past caused by ‘sexual tension’. An example of the opposition 's argument is that women have been raped by their superiors and were told that if they turn in their rapist they will get in more trouble for underage drinking and their rapist will not get prosecuted for the crime they have committed (Moritz). The opposing side’s point is that the men will become distracted from their duties because of women. The opposition also argues that women becoming a distraction is why they should not be allowed to participate in combat; to prevent distraction and by choosing inequality the opposition can accomplish…show more content…
The issue of sexual tension is still prominent yet, not as prominent as it once was, James Gibson a master sergeant has debunked the excuse that men are going to rape women and get distracted by them on the grounds that “sex in the military is against general order number one.” Sex, not only against general order number one but if sex in the military is between men and women, let’s think about sex in the military between men and
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