Argumentative Essay-Genetically Cloned Meat?

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Genetically Cloned Meat?
When I was around thirteen years old, I woke up early in the morning to find my beloved dog, Katie, ran down by a car on the busy highway. We later discovered our neighbour’s dog was hit earlier too, this lead us to believe that our strong sheepdog went to help him, but instead was hit. This innocent animal that sacrificed her life for another’s showed true compassion and loyalty and followed me years as a grew up. It was 2 years ago now that I began my vegetarian diet, which also lead me to giving up on animals’ products as well [EGGcept for eggs that are produced by the chickens on my farm, ethical I know!]. Since then I have convinced by sister to be vegetarian, while the rest of my family are finding the transition difficult.

Imagine the world without the slaughter of animals for the sole purpose of your taste buds. Impossible. But imagine producing and growing real meat without killing innocent animals. How you ask? Well, with Supermeat! Sounds
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These voiceless victims of the world, are killed every second of every year, in fact, usually when animals are born, their death is already planned. Industrial meat production not only consists in the suffering of animals but also has a negative effect against the environment [deforestation, air and water pollution, water and energy waste, and extinction of species both plants and animal]. This includes cows producing greenhouse gases that increase climate change, and water usage in meat production is said to take 2,400 gallons to produce only 1 pound of meat []. With this new innovation it is said [according to the Supermeat company (?)] that there will be 90% less land being
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