Argumentative Essay: Gun Control And Firearm Regulation

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The topic of gun control and firearm regulation has been subject to heated debate for a long while. Both sides have potent arguments, however the core of this issue ultimately boils down to the constitution itself. More specifically the second amendment. This argument quickly becomes quite complicated because gun control and firearm regulation concerns not only the right of citizens, but more importantly the safety of citizens. The second amendment helps to guarantee an imperative right belonging to all citizens. The right wasn't created as a result of the constitution, but rather ensures that the government cannot revoke it. This right is essential for self protection, therefore, certain precautions must be taken in order for the right people…show more content…
Proponents of more gun control laws believe that the Second Amendment was intended exclusively for militias, that gun restrictions have always existed, and that gun regulations would prevent criminals from possessing firearms. However, Opponents claim that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own guns, that guns are needed for self-defense, and that gun ownership helps to dissuade crime. Because of this obvious difference, proponents of stricter firearm regulation demand more laws to help prevent mass shooting, and want reform in the area of background checks. Meanwhile, opponents of gun laws often accuse the proponents of manipulating a mass tragedy in order to further strengthen their fight. Gun ownership has been a tradition within the united states since before the country itself was formed. Debates about the Second Amendment have focused on its parameter to protect private rights of individual people to possess firearms, and the ability to be apart of militia organizations. The world has seen a drastic change since the implementation of the amendment in 1791. Civilian ran militias are almost obsolete, and most militias are now ran and regulated by state governments. The military of the United states has also seen a dramatic increase, and is undoubtedly more powerful. For the most part, civilians are no longer expected or desire to be apart of a militia, however firearms are still essential for self defence, hunting, and
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