Argumentative Essay: Gun Control

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Gun Control
Think of all of the advantages people could have by owning and knowing how to use a gun. A gun could help people to survive on their own, to kill their own food, to protect their family, and they would not have to rely on anyone else to get them food. Too many people are dependent, but if everyone had a gun, knew how to correctly and safely use it everyone would be a whole lot more independent.
If we have guns we can protect ourselves, family members, friends, and our other loved ones. Everyone needs to protect their family from burglars. A gun could also scare off an animal if it is a threat to your family. Plus, it even states in the Bible that christians have a right to protect themselves and their families. For example, in
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Plenty of people hunt for meat instead of going to the grocery store. A few deer can fill up your freezer, plus it can last throughout the whole year. People that live in the boondocks do not even have a choice to go to the store to just buy whatever they want and have it that quick. Like some people that live in Alaska. Most of them do not even have running water or electricity which is because it is very under populated because no one wants to live where it is so cold so they do not have many grocery stores. Most of them have to hunt and kill their own food to cook their meal. Although it is necessary for some people, hunting wild game is also a sport. People take pride in hunting and for some it is their whole career.
However, Sarah O’Leary says that we have no right to bear arms. What she is talking about though is we should not have a right to have handguns and 100 round clips. Yes, it is true I agree that hunters do not hunt with 100 round clips. But, there are plenty of hunters that carry handguns on their hips. This is in case, for example, if they walk up on a snake. The guns we actually hunt with are long range rifles so it would be dangerous to shoot that close to yourself because there is a possibility the bullet may reflect back at you so it would be endangering
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