Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States

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Gun control challengers will argue that the 2nd amendment was not only put in place for self-defense but to guarantee that the nation will not be overrun by any military power. Guns are used for self-defense purposes more than 2 million times a year, that’s 3 to 5 times the estimated number of violent crimes committed with guns. They also believe if the United States military were to be beaten by a foreign power; the only national defense left would be the American people. If the government took the citizens guns away they would not be able to defend America from foreign powers or from any other challenger. The first modern school shooting in the United States was on august 1, 1996 at the University of Austin. Austin police were seriously outgunned but were quickly helped when several students and civilians ran to their own vehicles to bring back their hunting rifles. They stood along with the officers and shot at the intruder and later killed him. Without the help of the students and civilians the police would not have been able to stop the shooter quickly enough and he would have killed more than 12 people. Rampage killers like the one that shot at the University of…show more content…
By average they have 24 percent lower violent crime, 19 percent lower murder rate and 39 percent lower robbery rate than states that don’t allow citizen to carry concealed weapons. (According to Lunger, “Gun-rights supporters have their own vision of the way society should work. In that vision, guns play an important part in bolstering individual freedoms and protecting private citizens from both crime and governmental tyranny. Their position is that guns both save lives and reduce crime.”)(69) If there was a ban on guns, people would go out and commit more crimes than they did before. People would steal guns and ammo just they can have it and for the guns they already illegally
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