Argumentative Essay: Gun Rights In The United States

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Gun Rights in the United States The National Rifle Association is working day after day to make the world with guns in it a safer place. However, many People feel that day will never come. They are working on taking guns away from Americans altogether. Our hope is to find a solution so we can keep guns a part of our history, while, at the same time, protecting the people in the United States. Today in America, forty-six percent of the population would like to see stricter gun laws, while some would like to see handguns banned altogether, except for use by law enforcement. About twenty-seven percent of Americans feel that handgun privileges should not be offered to ordinary law-abiding citizens. Some feel that if we ban guns, crime and violence…show more content…
The murder rate would go through the roof. It is common sense that when you outlaw guns, only outlaws will find a way to get a gun. Because they are criminals, they would find ways to hide guns from the police. Drugs are a good example of this. Drugs are illegal, but people still find ways to have them. Many of us own guns because they make us feel safer. We know we can protect ourselves. If they take guns away, how will we protect our families? There would be nothing worse for a man than to have to sit and watch as someone hurt his family, because he had no means of defense. Also, many ladies who have to walk home or down alleys late at night are carrying guns to defend themselves if attacked. Additionally, hunting is especially popular in the south. Many people look forward to hunting every year and providing meat for their family for the whole year. Taking away guns would put an end to hunting animals and cause them to overpopulate. Also, shooting competitions are a big deal in the United States. Trap and skeet are very popular with older, as well as, younger people. A worthwhile sport for a lot of young people are competing in the 4-H shooting program. Furthermore, people should be allowed to carry a gun, because this is America. Once we start letting people take away our freedoms, we are no longer free. This could possibly be the start of taking other rights away as well. In conclusion, it is a necessity to allow gun rights in the United States as a means to protect our citizens. The National Rifle Association strives to protect the rights of gun owners and make the use of guns safer. Regardless, many believe guns are too dangerous and should be outlawed. That would only allow for criminals to have guns and leave law-abiding citizens with no means of
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