Argumentative Essay: Haymarket Bombing

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Haymarket Bombing
Bad things happen all over the world and many people are affected wither they want to be or not. Some of those people can be innocent bystanders who have none or little knowledge as to what is going on. People have to suffer when it comes to others and the decisions they make. On May 4, 1886 in Chicago an event happened that people would still be affected till this day.
A protest had been happening because of labor laws. Many of the people were immigrants. People who had traveled over from Germany began to protest. Many people wanted to move away from the capitalist environment. They wanted labor laws to be set in place to help them. Much protest became common during this time. Some of the protests are peaceful and others violent which eventually turned into riots.
Many people saw this as a way to express themselves. The day before several protestors was beaten on by police officers. During the protest people began to use violence to be heard. It eventually turns into a riot and a person throw a bomb at a police officer. The person did not worry about who else it would effect. The bomb had
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Since this terrible bombing happened many people viewed them as martyrs. The people who supported these men believed that they were treated unfairly. They believed that stood up for what they believed in. the process of these labor laws were put on back hold and the decision was even slower. Even though everyone should have rights in the work place through this dumb decision everyone suffered. Seven of the men got death sentences and the other got 15 years in jail. On November 11th, 1887 four of those men received death by being hung. One of the seven killed himself them day of his execution. The man took his own life instead of preventing his actions from bombing. The other mean served their death sentence in prison. Which probably wasn’t a pleasant

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