Argumentative Essay: Helping Veterans

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Helping our veterans should be mandatory because of their sacrifice. Even though some people believe war veterans acquire enough from the Government, others believe they deserve more for their services. Veterans of the United States of America should not be homeless since they fought for our country with a sense of bravery and commitment. Therefore, the Department of Veterans Affairs should be reconstructed, also expanded to meet the growing need of our veterans. Moreover, our countrymen had a choice to become anything they wanted, but they chose to defend our great country and freedom we so graciously enjoy. Now is not the time to dismiss such bravery not to mention commitment. The people of the United States need to stand by our soldiers …show more content…

Is it the stresses of war and inadequate job training? In addition, could it be untreated PTSD that keeps veterans from being productive once back in civilian life, thus causing the risk of homelessness? PTSD is one of the leading problems leading to homelessness among our veterans. As a veteran, myself, I understand the day to day struggles to come to grips with some things that were experienced as a soldier. For example, seeing fellow soldiers shot or killed, or the people you’re there to help turn on you, it’s a living nightmare. Then to come home and find out that some Americans don’t believe that veterans are entitled to special services. However, whatever the reason we are obligated to find out what is going on with our veteran population. The government should take this very seriously because there is another generation growing up to take the place of our veterans and they’re watching how our heroes are treated. Do we want to deter the next generations of going off to defend our great nation and our freedom? In brief, the Department of Veterans Affairs does take care of the homeless veterans, it’s just a big job. That’s why it makes perfect sense to expand and reconstruct the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to undertake such a massive service. Veterans don’t deserve to be treated like this, the forgotten hero’s, now the homeless, and the starving.

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