Argumentative Essay: Hitler Youth Vs Child Soldier

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Hitler Youth VS Child Soldiers It’s a cold night in the middle of Germany. I'm all alone. My family has been captured and forced into the military, soon I will be expected to do the same. It is a very dry day in the deserts of Syria, My family and I were sitting around the table eating, when out of nowhere our door is busted down, by a band of militia members. They take my siblings and I as well as telling us that if we did not cooperate are parents, will die. Welcome to the comparison of the Hitler youth and the child soldier groups. I will admit that these groups have many differences but, they also have many similarities. Among those are as follows, both groups use brainwashing techniques to force unwilling children to join and cooperate. Along with that they force kids to join by threatening or holding their loved ones captive in order to persuade them to cooperate. Though these tactics are extreme they have proved highly effective, causing over 10 million kids to be recruited between both groups. Not only that but these groups used specialized training to make the members feel less guilt and remorse for the terrible deeds they are forced to commit.…show more content…
Child soldiers are forced to commit much more gruesome acts then the hitler youth were made to. For example, the hitler youth were forced to shoot people but, the child soldiers are not only forced to do things like that but much worse. This list of deeds forced upon them consists of things like, maiming, decapitation, killing there own families and much, much more. The child soldiers are usually very young and living in far from the best conditions. Because of this it is easy for the militia to convince these children that they are protecting them and that they belong there. These practices make rehabilitation nearly

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